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Good news for children like Shakulu

This is wonderful news for little Shakulu, who is blinded by huge cataracts in both eyes. At an age when Shakulu should be running and playing, he has injuries from bumping into things or falling. Worst of all, he’s never even seen his mother’s loving face.

When he was born, he was his parents’ pride and joy. Yet with tears in her eyes, his mum Zaitun says, “Without surgery, he will not go to school.”

what if he falls into the open fire they use to cook?

“I cannot leave him with other people because they would let him walk on his own and he would fall and have 
wounds,” Zaitun shares, her voice quivering.
Sometimes the other children also tease and bully Shakulu, knowing that he won’t be able to identify them. It’s heartbreaking for Zaitun. “I get angry when they tell him such mean words, but what can I do?”

She adds quietly, “God gave me this child, and He alone has a plan for him.”

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