Urgent Turkana Food Crisis: Your gift will help save precious lives

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International Day of People with Disabilities

Join us in amplifying the voices and priorities of people with disabilities this #IDPD2023

Please WASH AWAY the misery of Trachoma for good

We urgently need to build on this success and push hard onto the next phase of the battle… the WASH program.

Urgent Turkana Food Crisis

Your gift today will help provide people with disabilities access to life-saving food, clean water, medicine and mobility aids.

Let your love live on with a gift in your will to CBM

Who is CBM Australia?

CBM Australia is part of a Christian international development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest places on earth. Poverty and disability go hand in hand, creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty.

Throughout our 115-year history and over 45 years in Australia, we have developed proven community-based programs that help millions of people benefit from real, lasting change.

The Cycle: Explained

Poverty and disability go hand in hand creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty.

The Cycle Explained

Our areas of work

Preventing blindness

Preventing and treating avoidable blindness such as cataract, river blindness and trachoma.

Ending poverty

Helping practically by providing aids and equipment, access to much-needed treatment, learning a skill and going to school.

Transforming lives of people with disabilities

Influencing communities, organisations and governments to change attitudes and policies so everyone is included.


How does CBM Australia spend each dollar?

Field Programs


Accountability & Admin


Your impact


“I can see clearly. I want to thank the hospital doctors, and also the people who support us so we can have this surgery.”
Chinh, age 75

The Philippines

“We’re very thankful and glad that Ashley will get operated on. This will change her life. We were not financially stable to be able to get Ashley the operation, but this miracle that happens in our family is a way that Ashley will be given a bright future.”
Gemma, mother of six-month-old Ashley

The Philippines

“All I can say is thanks so much. I was so thankful for all the people who are behind this project. It is my deepest desire that Joanna will be able to finish her studies.”
Frenil, mother of 13-year-old Joanna


“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very happy to receive help. And I’m very thankful for the help to me and people like me. I hope that you prosper more with each help that you give.”
Kumari, age 18

Inclusion Advisory Group: Partnering to put inclusion into practice

We partner with the disability movement to influence organisations, institutions and systems to realise the rights of people with disabilities. We believe that tailored input that is communicated effectively with the right people at the table can help make inclusion a reality.

A group of women in Bangladesh seated around a map.
Two smiling senior people.

Let your love live on with a gift in your will to CBM

Leave a legacy of hope. Change a life forever.

Including CBM in your Will means you can leave a lasting legacy that can make a difference beyond your lifetime. This is because your gift can allow CBM to make long-term plans and invest in cost-effective programs that reach those most in need.

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