We need you! Raise money and help us with our life-changing work to end the cycle of poverty and disability.

Poverty and disability go hand in hand creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Fundraisers give everyone the chance to contribute, even if you can’t donate yourself.

How you can raise funds

Almost anything can become a fundraising opportunity — some fundraising ideas include: asking guests to help raise money for a cause of your choice instead of a birthday or special occasion gift, hosting a school cake stall, swapping out a wedding gift registry and having guests donate to your fundraiser instead, or honouring the legacy of a loved one with a meaningful gift to help those in need. 

Other outside the box charity fundraising ideas include climbing a mountain or cycling a great distance in solidarity with others around the world. When you take part in an event like this loved ones and friends support your efforts via online donations. 

Any fundraising activity or idea – big or small – to help raise awareness is helping us pave a brighter and more promising future for people with disabilities and their families living in poverty! Your fundraising is only limited by your imagination.

A group of children smile at the camera, and a boy in the centre is very happy with the glasses he is wearing

Your impact

With the support of amazing people just like you, CBM can work with people with disabilities who are experiencing the most extreme forms of poverty.

Those who desperately need it can access medical treatment — some to walk or see again by being able to access life-changing eye surgery or being able to acquire crutches or glasses. Isolation and exclusion diminishes while community acceptance rises. You can play a role in transforming the lives of people with disabilities around the world.

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Start fundraising

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you in raising money. Share your progress. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Make a difference

The money you raise for charity will help transform lives around the world. Share your impact with friends, and know that you’re doing a world of good.

Fundraise for Miracles Day!

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Make Miracles happen this August, Raise money for Miracles Day with your friends, school, work or church.

Transform lives

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You can help transform the lives of people with disabilities living in poverty around the world through your fundraising activities with registered charities like CBM.

Fundraising FAQs

Signing up is easy. You just need to be at least 18 years old. Click on the “Sign up” button and fill out your name, email and choose a fundraising goal. We’ll then log you into your fundraising dashboard to start your campaign.

If it’s your first time fundraising, asking for donations can be daunting. But don’t be scared — your friends and family will want to support you. Just explain what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, then ask. If you don’t get any donations the first time, you can always ask again later. Remember to ask more than once — someone may mean to make a contribution but needs need a reminder before they take action.

Getting donations is exciting, but make sure you say thanks! You can thank your donors by logging into your fundraising dashboard, scrolling down to your donation feed, and clicking the little heart icon. Write a message, and we’ll send it to your donor on your behalf.

Can’t log in? No good! It’s easy to reset your password. Just head to the login page and click “Forgot your password?”. You’ll be sent an email, then you’ll be on your way. If you don’t receive the email make sure you check your junk or spam folder. It might take a few minutes to arrive.

Giving badges for funds raised is how we recognise you for being awesome! You’ll be awarded them automatically, and all your donors can see how much of a superstar you are.

Donating to yourself is a great way to get started, it’ll show donors that you’re committed, and you’ve broken the ice by going first. In your dashboard just click “Sponsor myself” to chip in to your campaign.

When you’re talking about why you are fundraising, make sure you speak personally. People are chipping in because this charitable purpose is important to you. Tell a personal story about why you’ve taken this incredible step to fundraise.

While using an online fundraising page is the easiest way to fundraise, CBM can assist you with other ways to collect donations.

Download the Fundraising Guidelines for more specific information.

Give us a call on 1800 678 069 or email us at cbm@cbm.org.au

Absolutely! You can create a fundraising page for your whole family if you like and we’ll tally your fundraising together.

Don’t worry, it often happens. Just read our Fundraising Guidelines which has details on how to bank it. Then contact us and we will make sure it shows on your fundraising page.

Give us a call on 1800 678 069 or email us at cbm@cbm.org.au

That’s ok, things come up! Just get in touch and we can remove your fundraising page.

Want more information?

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