Thoughtful gift ideas

By choosing CBM Meaningful Gifts you will be helping people with disabilities living in poverty in some of the world’s poorest places.

Meaningful gift shopping represents a powerful way you can partner with CBM to bring transformational change to someone with a disability. Not only will your gift giving bring delight to your loved one, but it will bring life-changing help to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

A charity gift donation is a meaningful present for a loved one that has a tremendous impact on the life of the recipient living in a developing country. Our online charity gift shop has a range of items instead of traditional gifting, perfect for holiday season Christmas gifts, birthdays, Mother’s Day and other special events, all going towards supporting a good cause.


How to choose the perfect gift

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1. Choose a Meaningful Gift

Choose a gift that inspires you, or just one that fits your budget! You can find a great gift to suit any special occasion for as little as the purchase price of a cold brew coffee.

An intraocular lens costs just $5, and is enough to restore a person’s sight during cataract surgery.

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2. Personalise your Gift

Personalise every gift  by selecting an e-card to send to your loved one. It’s a lovely way to create something fun and make your person feel extra special.

While supporting a non-profit is a worthy cause in itself, you may also wish to remind those close to you that you care about them with a message too.

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3. Help change lives!

No matter which gift you choose, it goes towards supporting CBM in our mission to end the cycle of poverty and disability.

Gifts of $2 or more are eligible for tax deductions, reducing your income tax bill.

Gifts of Sight

Light! Colour! Joy! For someone who cannot see, there is no gift as beautiful as the Gift of Sight. Change lives forever and fill the world with joy.

Give men or women access to operations that can save their sight. Or help protect a child from river blindness for the entire school year.

A young boy wearing a t-shirt and an eye patch makes peace signs after having eye surgery.
A small girl with an injured leg and a zimmer frame claps her hands

Gifts of Mobility

There’s nothing like a good run around with friends in the fresh air. The freedom! Your Gift of Mobility can help a child to move about on their own, perhaps for the very first time in their life! The perfect present to create an unforgettable special moment.

Gifts of Livelihoods

Your Gift of Livelihoods can help families earn a living to put food on the table for growing kids – not just now but long into the future!

A woman smiles while standing in front of tomato plants

Gifts of Sustainability

Farm animals can boost mental health and bring an income to families living in poverty. Fresh milk, eggs and seeds give independence to those reliant on community support.

Access to clean, safe drinking water and other necessities also make life more sustainable and promote environmental justice.

Gifts of Bundled Joy

Can’t decide which Meaningful Gift to give your family and friends? Here’s an idea – give them a big joyful bundle full of surprises! Pick a themed bundle gift and help families with disabilities living in poverty.

Gifts to You and Yours

Admit it, you want a thoughtful present too! Why wouldn’t you? Our gift shop offers a selection of the best  sentimental gifts, perfect for to keeping for yourself or giving to a family member or best friend.

And have the joy of knowing you’re helping people with disabilities living in poverty at the same time!

Buy a gift that has the power to make a difference.