Working together for a better world for people with disabilities

CBM Australia’s vision is for an inclusive world where all people with disabilities can achieve their full potential and enjoy their human rights. This change can only happen by putting disability inclusion into practice. At CBM Australia we help others make inclusion a reality through our Inclusion Advisory Group.

What is the Inclusion Advisory Group?

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) is made up of advisors, representatives and associates from all around the world. They work together in decentralised local teams and in partnership with the Disability Movement to provide advice to other organisations about how to make their work more inclusive of people with disabilities.

It began in Australia in 2008 with just a few strong and passionate CBM staff lobbying grassroots organisations, governments, and global institutions for change and showing the way through technical advisory work. Now, CBM’s IAG is a world leader in disability inclusive development and one of the key areas of growth for CBM Global Disability Inclusion

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Who does IAG work with?

As a world leader in the field of disability inclusive development technical advice, we work with organisations that have the power to make real and lasting change for people with disabilities. This includes:

What work does IAG do?

Our work ranges from short-term, consultancy-type tasks such as advising others on their activities, through to joint programs where we work with other organisations to make their program activities more inclusive.

  • We help to create change in organisations and institutions through technical assistance, change facilitation, capacity strengthening and sharing evidence of what works.
  • We bring development and humanitarian policy and programming expertise in collaboration with the Disability Movement, who bring representation of their members, expertise and lived experience.
  • We offer localised advice and relationships backed by global evidence and learning, networks, and sector understanding.
  • We offer a tried and tested approach, with quality assurance mechanisms, bringing credibility, experience and track record to clients.

Through one contract and partnership manager, clients can access multi-skilled teams of CBM advisors, the disability movement, associate advisors, and research partners. We work with a diverse range of clients enabling us to bring insights and evidence from global to community level work.

Our advice draws on and complements CBM Global’s advocacy and programmatic work, giving us a well-rounded perspective. This enables us to provide advice at scale, including across multiple countries.

Where does IAG work?

As part of CBM Global, we focus on creating change where it is needed most — in low and middle income countries. Our global network works in Australia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Our largest and longest operating advisory hub is based in Australia with strong links to the Pacific and Asia.

How can you support IAG?

Help to end the cycle of poverty and disability by making a donation to support the ongoing work of the Inclusion Advisory Group and its innovative global scale up.

Do you have work for IAG?

IAG is always seeking opportunities that have the potential to spark broader, systemic change for inclusion. 

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