Ensuring people with disabilities are not left behind

CBM responds to a variety of humanitarian emergencies caused by natural hazards, forced displacement and armed conflict. We work to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable people in such high-risk situations are not left behind.

Our work is built on a series of international agreements including: 

Empowering people in times of vulnerability

Our work aims to save lives. To be most effective, CBM’s humanitarian work seeks to make links with existing partner programs and groups for people with disabilities so that the most vulnerable will have a voice in the design of humanitarian response and recovery work.

How we help

Our humanitarian action responds to local needs within our partners’ capacities. This includes ensuring that people with disabilities can access cash transfers for local use, disease prevention information, clean water, and health and rehabilitation services including mental health support.

Health programs

Prevention of communicable diseases, physical rehabilitation from trauma and psychological support for victims of violence.

Disability Inclusive Technical Advice

Influencing national governments, UN and international NGOs to become more disability inclusive.

By engaging with both local and international organisations, CBM is able to leverage local knowledge and skills to better respond to a humanitarian emergency, while also influencing international partners to be more disability inclusive in their operations.

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