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Breaking the silence: Addressing violence against women with disabilities

This document explores how CBM Global implementing partners, including OPDs, are responding to issues of gender-based violence in the communities in which they work, including what is working well and where more support is needed.

Gender Inclusion In Project Implementation

CBM Australia and partners in Bangladesh, Nigeria and the Philippines recently held a webinar looking at what has stopped men, women, girls, and boys from participating in project activities, and what they have done to address this. These are some of the key things we learned.

Nigeria Women’s Health Projects Evaluation

Evaluation summary highlighting the impact of the work of CBM and our partners in reducing obstetric fistula in Nigeria, by training healthcare workers, increasing community awareness and improving medical facilities and resources.

What’s stopping women with disabilities from reporting gender-based violence report

Research to better understand what stops women with disabilities in Cameroon from reporting incidents of sexual violence and domestic abuse, and recommendations about what development practitioners can do in responding more effectively.

Gender barriers: what stops women or men participating

These two cartoon posters outline some of the barriers that might stop women or men getting involved in development projects. For development practitioners.

Tip Sheets for considering gender issues in International Programs

CBM-Australia has launched a series of tip sheets aimed at our field partners and other development practitioners that prompt consideration of issues related to gender in our work. Take a look at our first two in an ongoing series of tip sheets: on gender and eye health, and gender on mental health, released in 2021.