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Disability equity within humanitarian preparedness response and recovery

This briefing paper explores the context around disability inclusion in different elements of humanitarian action and provides recommendations and case studies of CBM Australia’s programming.

AHP III Bangladesh: A disability inclusion journey in the Rohingya crisis

This report documents achievements and lessons learned and presents recommendations to progress disability inclusion further in the Rohingya response and for the humanitarian sector at large.

AHP Phase III Bangladesh Impact Report: An honest account

This report seeks to reflect the lived experience of people with disabilities in the Rohingya AHP Phase III Response, their stories and feedback on what has changed for them, and the continued barriers they face.

Rebuilding Disability Inclusion in Australia’s International Development Program

Includes a set of 11 important policy recommendations made by CBM Australia and Australia’s peak representative body on disability inclusion in the aid program, the Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC).

Our Lessons: disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction report

An approach to disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction based on consultations with people with disabilities in the Asia and Pacific regions.

CBM’s approach to disability inclusive disaster risk reduction

Full report, summaries and infographics on the Gaibandha Model for disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction.