Share the story of Happiness this Christmas

Share the story of Happiness this Christmas

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You may think we are talking about the true meaning of Christmas. Sharing the story of Jesus or the joy of blessing your loved ones with generous gifts in this festive season.

Whilst this is true, the story of Happiness is something different for Khushi. In fact as her name translates to Happiness - this is actually a story about her life. We hope in sharing her story you might be inspired to see more of these life-changing gifts appear under your Christmas tree...knowing you will share the Happiness of Christmas with people and children less fortunate around the world...

So here goes...

All her life Khushi had been blinded by cataracts growing in both her eyes. She couldn’t even see her parents’ faces – or her loving grandmother.

“We noticed a small white mark in the girl’s eyes,” her grandmother, Umda remembers sadly.

She would fall down, hit the wall or trip on objects on the ground ... As you can imagine, she lost confidence and became sad and withdrawn.

If Khushi’s grandmother had one Christmas item on her list, it was sure to be this:

“I wish she received treatment soon. She is just three years old and has her whole life ahead of her,” she adds with tears in her eyes.

Yet Khushi’s family could never afford the sight-saving operation.

This is where your choice to give a meaningful gift changes lives.

You can give a child like Khushi a life-changing, smile-making operation to restore her sight!

With humility and thanks we can rejoice that someone gave generously and granted Umda’s wish - Khushi received the life-changing surgery she so desperately needed and today she’s the happiest child in CBM’s partner hospital ward!

In her own word, Khushi hugs her grandmother and exclaims,

“My eyes will be healed today. Granny told me everything. I’ll also get new glasses”.

To give a truly meaningful gift that will help a child just like Khushi you can choose the gift of Sight for a Child or if you would prefer you can provide Glasses for 10 Kids .

Take me to the Meaningful Gifts Catalogue to view the range of gifts available this Christmas.