Looking to make a positive change in your career?

We care about the impact we make in the lives of people with disabilities as much as we care for our people.

After three years of living through a global pandemic, many of us are looking at our work and questioning what we do. At CBM Australia, we understand why. We’ve created a workplace that makes a positive impact for the sectors and people we work with and supports a team culture of passionate and dedicated individuals from all walks of life.

We are the only Christian international development organisation in Australia devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities living in the poorest places on earth. We’ve been doing this life-changing work for over 115 years.

Our Disability Action Plan (DAP) outlines our commitment to enhancing the inclusion, accessibility needs, participation and employment outcomes for people with disabilities across CBM Australia’s various stakeholders. 

If you’re looking for jobs that help, would like to grow your career in a workplace with a healthy culture, and work across projects seeking to create transformational change in disability inclusion and international development, then now is your chance.

Interested in volunteering with CBM Australia?