This Disability Action Plan (DAP) 2023-2025 outlines CBM Australia’s commitment to enhancing the inclusion and accessibility needs of people with disabilities.

This plan focuses on improving accessibility, participation and employment outcomes for people with disabilities across CBM Australia’s various stakeholders. 

CBM Australia recognises that while inclusion can be achieved at any one point in time, it is dynamic and evolving depending on ever-changing environments, people and circumstances. Inclusion requires ongoing commitment to improvement and to embedding accessibility in all areas of the workplace. 

A Disability Action Plan (DAP) requires continuous quality improvement. We are committed to our initial three-year DAP with a mid-term review. Our goals speak to continuous improvement and aim to strike the balance between aspirational and practical targets, while recognising the non-negotiable rights of people with disabilities. 

The DAP sets out both high-level aspirational aims as well as practical goals and targets that are achievable within the timeframes, resources and capacity of the organisation. Deadlines, responsible parties and measures of success are attached to each target. We chose this process to recognise that it will take time to achieve the structural and sustainable change needed to become a fully inclusive organisation, requiring us to work systemically from our current position.