How it works

By choosing CBM Meaningful Gifts you will be helping people with disabilities living in poverty in some of the world’s poorest places.

Each gift represents a powerful way you can partner with CBM to bring transformational change to someone with a disability. Not only will your gift bring delight to your loved one, but it will bring life-changing help to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

1. Choose a Meaningful Gift

Choose a gift that inspires you, or just one that fits your budget!

2. Personalise your Gift

Personalise every gift you give by selecting to send an e-Card to your loved one.

3. Help change lives!

No matter which gift you choose, it goes towards ending the cycle of poverty and disability.

Gift of Sight

A Gift of Sight helps people at risk of blindness see the world clearly again.

Gift of Mobility

A Gift of Mobility helps restore movement and freedom to people with disabilities.

Gift of Independence

A Gift of Independence helps provide income and nutrition to people with disabilities who are living in poverty.

Gift of Pandemic Relief

A Gift of Pandemic Relief helps people with disabilities get the life-sustaining support they need.

Buy a gift that has the power to make a difference.