Read the latest news and stories from CBM Australia’s work helping people with disabilities living in the world’s poorest places. 

Analysis: reflecting on gender in inclusive development: 2020

In order to achieve disability and gender equality and truly leave no one behind,...

Disability-Inclusive Climate Action Research Program

About one billion people around the world have disabilities, and up to 190 million...

Changing the Debate: How We Can Help to Tackle Gender and Unpaid Care?

In the distribution of unpaid work, gender plays a...

COVID-19 Updates From the Field: Stories from Indonesia

Remember Hascaryo? CBM first met Hascaryo during the Covid-19 pandemic through our work with...

Access to Hope by Louise Gosbell

One of the first things we did when the COVID-19 lockdown happened was rearrange our furniture.

Hope in the Extremes by Joseph Pinkard

How do you prepare and respond when faced with a challenging and unexpected situation?

Hope for our Neighbours by John Jeffries

Over my 33 years at CBM, Jesus’ challenge to love my neighbour as myself was never far from my...

Stories of Hope: Seta

In any disaster or humanitarian emergency, people with disabilities are at heightened vulnerability.

Stories of Hope: Shilpy

One of the worst disasters to ever strike Bangladesh was Tropical Cyclone Sidr. In November 2007, the storm took the lives of up to 10,000 people.

Stories of Hope: Nelly

According to the UN University WorldRiskIndex, Vanuatu is the world’s most at-risk country for natural hazards.

Mnena’s Story: Treating Mental Health Conditions & Addressing Social Stigma

For many people living with mental illness in Nigeria,...

Sulawesi Earthquake

The Indonesian island of Sulawesi is dealing with the immediate aftermath of a 6.2 magnitude earthquake which caused widespread devastation on January

CBM leads disability inclusive response during global pandemic

CBM’s Inclusion Advisory Group partner with the disability movement to influence organisations, institutions and...

Desty’s Story: Challenging Stigma Around Mental Illness in the Midst of COVID-19

One of the most challenging barriers to building inclusive...

Building an inclusive community to help keep kids in schools

CBM Australia’s Community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) projects are changing lives in Ethiopia.

Matti’s Story: Inclusive Education During the COVID-19 Crisis

Receiving an education is one of the primary ways...

5 ways to budget for regular charity donations

Today we’re sharing four handy ways to budget for regular charity donations, from our resident finance blogger, Emma.

3 ways to give more without sacrificing your financial goals

We spoke to finance blogger Emma from The Broke Generation, to get her tips...

Shane Clifton – 2020 Advent Series – Week 4

Shane Clifton is Professor of theology and ethics, honorary associate at the Centre For Disability Research And Policy at...

Recognising Gender Barriers to Social Inclusion in Cameroon

Women face a myriad of barriers in contributing to meaningful social engagement within many...