Balloons and Bubbles

Stories | December 14, 2023

Eddy, now eight years old, was born a healthy little boy. However, at three he became ill with a headache and cough. When he recovered, his mother noticed that her little boy would no longer hear what was being said around him. She also noticed that his speech was not developing, and this raised concerns.

Fortunately, Eddy had an aunty working for an inclusive education resource centre – an organisation supported by CBM and located just down the road from where he lived. His mother was told to take Eddy to the centre to be assessed to see if a management plan could be developed to help Eddy move forward with his speech and interacting.

This is where we met Eddy.

At the centre, Eddy was blowing up a balloon which was one of the activities the centre recommended to strengthen his tongue and improve his speech. Making bubbles with soapy water was another activity Eddy used to develop and strengthen his breathing and mouth actions.

And it’s working!

Since coming into the centre three days a week and attending an inclusive elementary school two days a week, Eddy is now speaking some words, such as food, water, mummy and daddy. And, if spoken to loudly, he can hear and is able to follow simple short instructions.

When we asked Eddy’s mother what she hopes for the future, she said that she hopes Eddy can hear, talk, and learn enough so that he can work and have a future. She believes that with the help of the centre, this will happen.


CBM Australia would like to thank our implementing partner, the Callan Services for Persons with Disabilities National Unit.

Image caption: Speech therapy made fun. Eddy blowing up a balloon to strengthen his tongue and improve his speech.

Image caption: Speech therapy made fun. Eddy blowing up a balloon to strengthen his tongue and improve his speech.  

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