Lent Series 2020 – Restored Communities

Lent Series 2020 – Restored Communities

Throughout Lent we will be reflecting on the theme of ‘restored communities’.

Lent is observed during the forty days in the lead up to Easter Sunday. It is an important time of reflection as we prepare to remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Lent, we reflect on Jesus and what he accomplished through his death and resurrection.  

Jesus brought restoration to people and communities through his life, death and resurrection. Each Sunday during Lent, a devotional will be shared, reflecting on a passage from the Bible, which tells of Jesus restoring people and community.

The devotions are written by CBM staff, Stevie Wills (Community Education Officer) and Joseph Pinkard (Church & Community Engagement Manager).

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Lent Series 2020

Week 7-Luke 14:12-24 – The Great Banquet

Throughout Lent, we have been following Jesus, watching as he restored people physically and spiritually, restoring people back into community. Jesus did not only restore people to community, he taught people to do the same. Jesus taught that when people gather, they should not just invite those who they know and who are like them.

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