Give a Christmas Gift of Hope and Happiness

Give a Christmas Gift of Hope and Happiness

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Sylas loves to play. He tries to run after the children in his village… even if he can't keep up… Even if they call him names…

It's terrible to think about a child being hurt, yet for Sylas – who is only three years old – it's all he's ever known. You see, Sylas has club foot, a condition which has turned his feet inwards so painfully that he's forced to try and walk on the outsides of his ankles.

"He feels intense pain in his ankle joints", his mum, Hanifa says with deep sadness in her eyes. "On some days he crawls to the toilet." Sylas also struggles to get to school – partly because he has so much pain, and partly because the children tease him.

"At school other pupils call him ‘kameya'", Hanifa says quietly, so Sylas won't hear.

It means 'stony'. And it's a word to insult the boy who crawls on stones. Like Sylas' raw skin, the insults hurt deeply.

For Hanifa, the despair is heartbreaking: "He asks me for shoes. I want his feet to be corrected so he can look like other children and wear shoes", she says sorrowfully. She is too poor to help him.

There is some good news (it's Christmas after all!)… CBM's Meaningful Gifts catalogue is full of gifts that will help children like Sylas and bring happiness to their lives this Christmas!

When you select a gift like Surgery for a child from the Meaningful Gifts catalogue, you'll give an operation to straighten a child's legs and help him walk freely. Even if you choose something practical like a Pair of crutches or a Wheelchair, you'll help transform a child's life.

When we tell Hanifa that someone like you can help Sylas have an operation, her eyes fill with tears. "I am overcome with joy every time I imagine Sylas with corrected feet", she says, her eyes shining.

Just imagine the happiness of a child who you can bless with a truly Meaningful Gift this Christmas.

Please give a Meaningful Gift today!

You'll give a Christmas gift of hope and happiness
to a child like Sylas.