Easter: a time to show compassion

Easter: a time to show compassion

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He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. (Romans 4:25)

During Easter, we reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His ultimate demonstration of love and compassion. Knowing our helplessness, Jesus’ compassion moved into action. He sacrificed his life, so that others may have eternal life. In the gospels we read time and time again, of Jesus’ compassion for those who are marginalised and poor.

Jesus set an example for us. As recipients of his compassion, he demonstrates to us the importance of compassion for others, especially those who are poor and marginalised. We are called to compassion, which leads to action. This is at the very heart of the work achieved by CBM. In setting out to help those who are most vulnerable, CBM workers reach those who are living with disabilities in the poorest communities around the world.

Aliya from Nigeria, is a school teacher and mother of four. She volunteers with CBM, distributing life-saving medications to those in her community. Aliya finds the long distances she walks to distribute medication stressful, yet she perseveres to contribute to her community. Her compassion for those around her moves her to action.

Throughout the history of CBM, these values have underpinned our work. Pastor Ernst Christoffel, the founder of CBM, opened a home for children who were blind and orphaned in Turkey in 1908. His legacy of compassion continues throughout CBM today.

This Easter let us love with compassion, which moves into action.

"The deed of love is the sermon that everyone understands." Pastor Ernst Christoffel