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What we are learning from our evaluations

We reviewed 33 evaluations of our international projects. These are some of the common themes and learnings about our effectiveness.

IAG Australia Impact Evaluation Report

An independent evaluation of the work of Australia’s Inclusion Advisory Group shows that the team effectively supports governments, multilaterals and NGOs to better address disability inclusion in their programs.

Reducing Trachoma in Ethiopia: Results

Results from the work of CBM and partners in reducing the prevalence of blinding trachoma - by improving water supply, hygiene and sanitation.

Lessons learned from partnerships with organisations of people with disabilities: CBM report

What do Organisations of People with Disability value about working with CBM? And where could we do better? How we are responding to work more equitably with the disability movement.

Study demonstrates people are better off

Since 2015, CBM Australia has tracked how the economic situation of people with disabilities and their families in rural India has changed, as a result of our Community Based Inclusive Development project. Here’s what we found.

CBM’s work in Indonesia: approaches and achievements

An overview of how CBM works in Indonesia- in supporting eye health, mental health, community based inclusive development and disability inclusive humanitarian responses.

Our advisory work in Timor-Leste

The catalytic impact of our advisory work in Timor-Leste: 12 case studies..

Inclusion Advisory Group: Impact Report 2020

This report gives an overview of the work of CBM Global's Inclusion Advisory Group in 2020, particularly in response to COVID-19.

Our Advisory work in PNG

A snapshot of how CBM Global’s Inclusion Advisory Group has worked in Papua New Guinea, and how it has influenced for disability inclusion.

Addressing Poverty through Disability Inclusive Development

8 Case Studies on the inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in development initiatives.

Inclusive Eye Health evaluations

What we learned from evaluations of our eye health projects: 2015 to 2017​.​

Disability Mainstreaming: Impact through a catalytic approach

“Disability Mainstreaming: Impact through a catalytic approach”, gives an overview of the work of our Australian team from 2014-19.