The Bible is replete with statements of God’s greatness; it is this greatness that continues to push CBM Australia forward, sharing God’s love in action and reaching out to those in need.

Through Him, we were blessed in abundance in 2013. I am so humbled by the support Australians showed for CBM’s life-changing work, as people stand together to help end the cycle of poverty and disability. From celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities, and getting behind our Annual Miracles Day radiothon and making it our biggest one to date, to the ongoing growth of our regular supporters, I am sincerely grateful and inspired by the collective power of some incredible individuals.

And we also faced challenging circumstances – devastating floods, earthquakes, and the largest Typhoon ever recorded made landfall in the Philippines, killing thousands and leaving millions of people displaced. It was only together, with the incredible generosity of so many Australians, that we were able to respond in times of crisis and do even more to improve the quality of life of the world’s poorest people with disabilities. For this, I thank you for your support.

While we continue to feel the effects of an economy that is slowly recovering, I hope that you, like us, remain optimistic. We have seen strong leadership emerge at CBM in 2013; under new international president Dave McComiskey our leaders were not only willing to make the tough choices necessary to ensure a more stable and sustainable economic base, but also able to motivate the public, the development sector, our partners and our international community to share responsibility for the future of disability inclusion in everything we do. And we believe that future will be brighter.

As you read the Case Studies outlined in this Annual Report, I hope that you will see that our collaborations with local partners and organisations have produced some encouraging results, and helped restore life in so many ways. I profoundly appreciate your trust, your confidence and above all your support as we reflect on what a great year 2013 was by His grace.

John Jeffries