Luke14 is a CBM initiative that helps churches become a place of welcome and belonging for people and families living with disability.

The inspiration for this initiative comes from Luke 14. Jesus tells the story of a generous host who invited people from all walks of life to a special dinner party. No one was to be left behind. The story reminds us to never exclude anyone including the marginalised, invisible and often forgotten people in our society.

In Australia, almost 20% of Australians live with disability. That means one in five people in every congregation could be a person with disability. Unfortunately even here, people can find themselves on the edges of church life, feeling marginalised by both visible and unintended messages of exclusion.

The church can be a beacon of hope and an important place of welcome and belonging for people with disability. People with disability can be active members of their church community so that no one misses out on their gifts, talents or perspective.

Our churches will not be complete without an environment that is inclusive of people with disability.


Invite a speaker

Do you want to share CBM’s life-changing work with others?

CBM can visit your church community, office, university, or local club to speak about CBM’s work through personal stories and the biblical principles that underlie everything we do, including:

  • The link between disability and poverty
  • Inclusive development
  • Empowering people with disabilities
  • Justice for ‘outsiders’
  • Gifts and contributions from every person
  • God’s heart for people with disability
  • Inclusion for people with disabilities in community life,
    including the church community
  • Mental health and the church

We love the opportunity to spread the word so that we can all benefit from a disability inclusive world.

NOTE: CBM has a limited pool of speakers who are often on the road, so it may take one to two weeks to receive a response to your invitation. Speaking engagements are booked on a first-in basis and are dependent on availability and other criteria. We appreciate your patience and will be in touch as soon as possible after you submit the form below.

If you would like to request a speaker from CBM or invite Luke 14 to visit your church please complete the form below.