While 2020 and 2021 have been hard for us all, we know that disaster more acutely disadvantages people with disabilities. In our Asia-Pacific region alone cyclones, floods, bushfires, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis and rising sea levels are increasing with alarming frequency, and our neighbours living with disabilities are too often excluded from efforts to prepare.

In 2021 we are Prepared to Hope that you will unite with us in ending the cycle of poverty and disability.

About Prepared to Hope

Prepared to Hope is a six-week devotional series that will guide you towards Easter through reflections on scripture and stories of hope and resilience. It consists of weekly reflections throughout the season of Lent, as well as a range of church resources to explore this theme personally and in fellowship with others.

We hope these resources will help deepen your understanding of the impacts of disasters on people with disabilities as well as provide opportunities to reflect on the hope and transformative change experienced by people with disabilities and their communities in some of the poorest places around the world.

It reminds us to take time to consider all those who God loves as we prepare for hope this Easter — hope in the inclusive, generous good news that God sees everyone and calls us to celebrate His goodness together. It reminds us that God Himself turns the world right side up through the resurrection of Christ, the promise of God’s Kingdom here and now, transforming our lives.

Together, we can inspire more people to put God’s love into action, to help some of the world’s most vulnerable people during disasters. And with the support of your church, we can work together to build a world where everyone is loved, included and accepted, just as God intended.

How can I participate in Prepared to Hope?

Learn more about the Prepared to Hope series and CBM’s work by reading through the stories, devotionals, resources and activities on this page or download the resource kit.

Pray about how your church could get involved in the Prepared to Hope series and support CBM’s work.

Share the Prepared to Hope Church Resource Kit or one of the stories, devotionals or resources with those in your church community and explain why you are passionate about it.

Discern by talking to those in your church community, including a church leader, about the Prepared to Hope series and explore together what might be possible in your community.

Support CBM’s work to bring hope and ensure we can make the necessary preparations alongside people with disabilities for the next time disaster strikes.

Support CBM's work today!