About us

Who we are

CBM is an international Christian development organisation devoted to improving the lives of people with disabilities in the poorest places on earth. Poverty and disability go hand in hand creating a cycle of inequality, isolation and exclusion that leads to the most extreme forms of poverty.

Through our 110 year history and over 30 years in Australia, we have developed proven community based programs that help millions of people benefit from real, lasting change.

We focus on

Preventing blindness

Preventing and treating avoidable blindness such as cataract, river blindness and trachoma.

Ending poverty

Helping practically by providing aids and equipment, access to much-needed treatment, learning a skill and going to school.

Transforming lives

Influencing communities, organisations and governments to change attitudes and policies so everyone is included.

CBM Australia Values


We believe everyone is equal before God. We are passionate about working with people with disabilities to build a world in which all people are included, valued and respected.

  • I embrace diversity.
  • I acknowledge I can unintentionally contribute to exclusion.
  • I proactively educate myself and others about inclusion, modelling inclusive practice.
  • I ask people with disabilities specifically how they want to be included, and act accordingly.
  • I embrace and work respectfully with people of all faiths and none.


We work for positive change, inspired by a vision of a just and equitable world. We will model justice and faithful love as Jesus did, serving those in greatest need, regardless of race, gender, age or religious belief.

  • I stand up for human rights.
  • I advocate for fairness and equality.
  • I work alongside people with disabilities to promote their rights.
  • I recognise and call out injustice.


We achieve more when we work with others. We commit to partnership, listening and learning together. We collaborate creatively with partners, supporters, governments and colleagues to achieve lasting change.

  • I am an effective ally, guided by the disability movement’s objectives and priorities.
  • I value the expertise, contribution and commitment of all those we connect with.
  • I communicate honestly and respectfully, seeking to understand before being understood.
  • I collaborate, listen and learn with others.
  • I navigate problems and power dynamics with curiosity, empathy, compassion, and courage.


We are committed to achieving the greatest possible impact from the resources entrusted to us, attaining high quality in all our work. We challenge ourselves to constantly learn, innovate and improve.

  • I demonstrate leadership, considering opportunities and issues wider than my immediate responsibilities.
  • I overcome silos and ego to co-create integrated and sustainable solutions.
  • I contribute to equitable generation, use and sharing of knowledge.
  • I relentlessly prioritise the activities which will have greatest impact.
  • I hold safe space for myself and others to name problems, learn, innovate and evolve.


We show God’s character by seeking to live by our values and fulfill our commitments. We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters and those we serve, seeking to live authentically, responsibly and honestly.

  • I practise servant leadership, seeking what is best for our work.
  • I value our resources; I am a good steward of time, finances, relationships and environment.
  • I am responsible, reliable and consistent even when no one is watching.
  • I own my mistakes and am accountable for my commitments and actions.
  • I step up to difficult conversations and have the courage to initiate them.

An inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

Love in action

Here at CBM, we are devoted to transforming the lives of the world’s most overlooked, and neglected people – just as Jesus did when He was on earth. As an international Christian development organisation, CBM has been following Jesus’ example of inclusion, hope and justice in our work for over 110 years. Our Christian faith is founded in love and love never gives up. That’s what underpins our determination to reach those who are the hardest to reach, invisible and forgotten, leaving no-one behind.

Find out how an act of love can change a life forever.

"Love one another as I have loved you."
John 15:12

Ernst Christoffel

About our founder

In 1908 German Pastor Ernst Christoffel, travelled to Turkey and was overwhelmed by the desperate hardship experienced by people living in extreme poverty – including those with disability and orphaned children. He began Christoffel Blindenmission (Christian Blind Mission – now CBM) which has become a global force for change. CBM Australia is a member of CBM Global Disability Inclusion, which works alongside people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places to fight poverty and exclusion, and transform lives. Drawing on more than 110 years’ experience and driven by Christian values, we work with the most marginalised to: 

• Break the cycle of poverty and disability; 

• Treat and prevent conditions that lead to disability; and 

• Build inclusive communities where everyone can enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential. 

CBM Global works in more than 20 countries, investing in long-term, authentic partnerships with the Disability Movement and multiplying our impact by delivering a combination of inclusive community-based programs, advocacy for national and global policy change and inclusion advice to other organisations. CBM Global Disability Inclusion and CBM International actively collaborate under the same brand, continuing to work towards achieving our shared vision of an inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential.

Australian Aid

CBM Australia acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). ANCP supports between 20 and 30 of our programs annually. Find out more about ANCP support in our annual report. The Government’s support alongside that of our generous Australian donors, and trusts and foundations ensure people with disabilities living in the poorest communities are not left behind. 

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic reaching many of those countries, we are asking for more support as we strive even harder to end the cycle of disability and poverty. 

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