When “Frocking Up” Can Change Lives

Stories | September 10, 2021

Lyn’s daughter Bethany was nothing short of amazing. At just 15 years old she was raising awareness, funds and fighting the good fight for women in Africa who have fistulas.

In the spirit of Bethany’s legacy, Lyn celebrated her birthday last year, in a style her daughter would be proud of…


“Find a frock to frolic in, snap a photo of yourself, send it via email and make a small donation,” Lyn said in her birthday invite, putting the call out to Frock up and Fight Fistula.

By asking women across Australia to frock up at home, in lieu of the many events that had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and donate to CBM’s fistula treatment and prevention work in Africa, Lyn showed how fun and easy fundraising can be.

What’s more, Lyn was able to honour the legacy of her late daughter Bethany, who had an inspirational commitment to help the poor and disadvantaged.

By inspiring her loved ones to change the lives of vulnerable women in Africa, Lyn was able to ensure that Bethany’s compassion and kindness continues to have a lasting impact.


For many women in poverty, giving birth can still be extremely dangerous.

Fistula is a preventable and treatable condition, but about half a million women in Nigeria experience it largely due to inadequate access to healthcare.

Surgery can heal a fistula.

It’s what happens for women after the surgery that was the genius behind Lyn’s fundraiser…

“These precious women are given a new dress after their surgery. So, in frocking up, we celebrate in solidarity with them,” wrote Lyn in her birthday invite.


Feeling inspired by Lyn’s story?

Whether you encourage people to donate for your birthday, hold a morning tea or a bake sale, take part in a fun run or almost any other activity you can think of, CBM has made it easy to unleash your creative fundraising ideas – and get FunRaising! – with all the tools you need.

It’s easy to create a personal fundraising page and ask your family and friends to support your fundraising efforts. Along the way, you can set fundraising goals, track your progress and share the impact donations are having for people with disabilities living in poverty.

Ready to get started? Create your personal fundraising page, reach out to your loved one’s and start changing lives today!


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