West Coast Eagles chaplain ‘Morro’ talks about his seventh Miracles Day

Stories | July 31, 2019

Even though this is my seventh Miracles Day, I never get tired of seeing people go from being blind to being able to see.  I’ve had the honour of witnessing cataract surgeries in Tanzania, Nepal, Vietnam (twice!) and The Philippines. 

I’ve met a father in Tanzania who couldn’t feed his family until he had surgery and his sight was restored.   I saw a mother in Nepal who had never seen the face of her son until she got a Miracle gift of surgery.

I’ve seen a six year old boy in Vietnam light up the room with his smile when he found out that he could play hide and seek, and for the first time be the one seeking.

I was welcomed into a very humble home in the Philippines where a young father proudly pointed to picture of his bride who he can now see again because of a Miracle.

I’ve witnessed cataracts operations in all these places and it still moves me to see someone receive their Miracle.

Mark 10:51

“What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him. The blind man said, “Rabbi, I want to see.”

These stories and the smiles of these beautiful people are etched forever in my heart.  I’ve been into their humble shacks and houses.  I’ve seen their children and their grandchildren.  I’ve heard their gentle voices speak of their situations, not complaining of their poverty but rejoicing in the kindness and generosity of strangers. 

And this year is even more exciting.  Not just because I get to meet some more incredible people, not just because I get to witness more Miracles firsthand, and not just because have I recently had my own cataracts removed. 

This year I am taking a close friend of mine along for the journey.  Former West Coast Eagles backman and 2006 premiership player Sam Butler is coming on the trip to Nepal. 

Sam is a good man and he loves to see people getting a hand up in life.  Sam is the kind of guy who lives every minute of life and wants to be someone who makes a difference to world around him.  I can’t wait to be there when Sam witnesses someone have cataract surgery and being able to see again.  I know that, like me, Sam’s eyes will be opened to what’s possible through a $33 gift.

If you have ever prayed that you would like to have your eyes opened a little more, start by making a $33 Miracle happen for someone living in poverty this Miracles Day. Donate now

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