Poverty and Disability: The Double Effect – Corey Sutton

Stories | August 13, 2018

Corey Sutton, Producer at 98five Sonshine FM, unpacks much more than his suitcase after a trip to the Philippines where he witnessed the impact of Miracles Day for people with disability living in poverty.

Sometimes we take for granted the cards that life has dealt us here in Australia. We have excellent health care; the opportunity to earn a comfortable income; freedom to pretty much do whatever we like without limitations.

However, we’re aware that this is a benefit that a majority of the world can’t enjoy. Being part of the CBM Miracles Day trips over the last few years, travelling to some of the poorest places in the world, has taught us that much.

How you choose to see matters

Our sight is especially something that we have taken for granted: we use our eyes every day!

How often do you wake up and say “thank you God that I can see today?”

I for one don’t.

But being thrown into a world where cataracts are preventing hardworking and beautiful people from living freely and happily certainly changes our perspective.

Unfortunately, these brothers and sisters of ours have been hit with a double whammy.

Unpack with me the double effect

Poverty and disability.

They can’t see, nor can they afford to change that.

It’s truly heartbreaking.

Part of the beauty of CBM, and why as a radio station we choose to support Miracles Day each year, is that we get to see these lives transformed.

There is nothing quite like watching a woman who was blind for 10 years see again.

Nothing compares to watching a father behold the intricate features of his daughter again, tracing the lines on her face.

Our privilege in being part of the solution

We’ve been very fortunate in life, it is for this reason that we actually have what it takes to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

It’s time we make a small sacrifice here to make a big difference there.

So go without takeout next weekend. Don’t order drinks with dinner. Watch a movie on Netflix instead of going to the cinemas.

Invest in a cause that is greater than yourself, and stand firm knowing that today, you will change a life – should you choose to be part of the solution.

To donate a Miracle gift of sight-saving surgery to someone in need, you can visit cbm.org.au/miraclesday or call the friendly team at CBM on 1800 678 069.

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