Stevie’s thoughts on handling isolation

Stories | April 14, 2020

As we take measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, our lifestyles are severely restricted.

I have lived with physical restrictions all my life. I have cerebral palsy and in my adult years I have lived with fatigue and other health problems. This means I require plenty of rest and to spend a lot of time at home.

It is strange to see the world having to live more like the way I have lived.

To be on my own a lot has been lonely and painful. But it has brought me closer to God. Relying on him for company and comfort in my loneliness, I talk to him about everything. I look forward to my time with him every day.

Having lots of time to reflect and pray, I learn a lot through reflecting; feeling God speaks to me through my reflections.

My mind can do so much more. And my heart wants to do so much more than my body can do. This is frustrating! It’s taken me a long time to learn I don’t have to do things to please God. It’s possible to bless God and others just by loving God, and loving others, and loving life. The world doesn’t depend on me making the difference I want to make.

Over time, I have learnt how to draw strength from loved ones when I feel alone. Love transcends distance and time. I remember and relive hugs and other times I have felt loved. In a moment where I feel alone, I am loved just as much as when I have been hugged.

People with disabilities are among the most vulnerable during this time of crisis. But perhaps we have experiences that others can draw from.

Stevie Wills
Stevie is a Community Education Officer at CBM Australia. Through public speaking, performance poetry and writing she advocates for the inclusion of people with disabilities and for the work of CBM. Stevie wants all people with disabilities to have opportunities to reach their potential, just as she has had.

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