People with Disability Group Sets Up COVID Help Line

Friday, 18 Jun 2021

In many cities across India, NGOs and state government agencies have initiated many services for households affected with Covid-19. The problem is that many people in the poor rural areas have no idea of what support they can tap into. They are missing out on the medical care they need, and there has been a surge in COVID-19 related deaths in rural areas.

Two Organisations of People with Disabilities (OPDs) supported by CBM have taken the initiative to set up a helpline service to answer queries from community; about ambulance availability, hospital admission processes, how to access consultations with doctors either face to face or by phone. The service is equipped particularly to deal with queries from people living with a disability.

A team of people with disabilities has been trained up to point people in the right direction for the support they need.  The Helpline is called “Setu” which means ‘Bridging the Gap”. Calls are increasing daily as people get to know about the service.

The service is able to provide links to counselling, support for children in distress, as well as giving information on how people can access government support schemes and where to get the vaccine.

While deaths from COVID-19 still remain high, there is hope that the infection has now peaked.  CBM supported OPDs are now engaged in strengthening vaccination drives and are resuming their livelihood activities. Disability inclusive Farmer Producer Organisations are carefully resuming their operations with members in intervention areas.

You can support this service, and the many other urgent needs like emergency food packs and personal protective equipment for people in India today with a donation.


CBM’s acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) for our project “Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods and Inclusive Development in Uttar Pradesh”.