Nutrition Training to Help Women in Ethiopia Manage Food Insecurity

Mother and Child in Ethiopia

In addition to responding to COVID-19 challenges, the CBM Australia and CBM Italy teams have been assisting in the Amhara region in Ethiopia to build resilience in communities at risk of food insecurity. The Amhara region currently faces a number of challenges to food security from locust swarms and recent floods and landslides, threatening livelihoods and food production.


One aspect of this project involved addressing health workers on nutrition, CBM Australia and CBM Italy organised a four days training program for women with disabilities, pregnant and lactating women and for those most vulnerable people to build community knowledge around infant and young children feeding practices, basic nutrition knowledge and improving food hygiene. This program has met with great success and 150 women have attended this training!


In addition to building capacity for women and children within the community, a series of training programs including a refresher training focused on essential nutrition and hygiene for health professionals and community workers. This training enables them to contribute to improved nutrition and community health outcomes in the community.


The training also benefited community members in treating malnourishment in children.  To aid the newly trained health workers in spreading this message to the community to ensure the greatest and most sustainable impact possible, Behaviour Change Communication materials were also developed and shared as part of the project.  These materials enable them to assist other community members, in particular pregnant and lactating mothers, regarding appropriate feeding practices.


Thanks to CBM Australia and CBM Italy support, these health and nutrition programs have given women with disabilities and health workers valuable information and has empowered the participants to assist in the fight against food insecurity and poor nutrition in the Amhara region.