Nazir’s Story – Part 1

Stories | May 27, 2019

Dreams make us human: when we lose our dreams, it can be easy to lose hope.

Nazir was working towards his goal of completing University with a degree in Information Technology (IT) at a university in Indonesia.

But when his father fell ill and his mother could not support the family on her own, he stopped studying and went home to be with his family.

After leaving University, Nazir felt quite depressed and started hearing voices and feeling very disconnected from people. He became so unwell that he had to attend the regional mental health hospital many times, and became deeply unhappy.

‘When I was not well, I felt an inferior feeling inside’, Nazir said.

Throughout this time, only his family knew that he had a psychosocial disability*.

Nazir didn’t have friends, wasn’t participating in social activities, and felt like he had no hope.

But having someone who believes in and stands by us can make all the difference.

Part 2 of Nazir’s story talks about how CBM Australia, with Aceh Project partner PASKA, supported him to become well enough to work.

Learn more about CBM Australia’s work with people with psychosocial disability.

This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and loyal CBM Australia supporters.

* ‘Psychosocial disabilities’ refer to people who have received a mental health diagnosis, and who have experienced negative social factors including stigma, discrimination and exclusion. People living with psychosocial disabilities include ex-users, current users of the mental health care services, as well as persons that identify themselves as survivors of these services or with the psychosocial disability itself. Source: World Health Organisation



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