Meaningful gift ideas for any budget

Stories | December 10, 2020

With Christmas around the corner, attentions are turning to ticking off gift lists. After a tumultuous year that’s impacted everyone around the world in some way, why not give a little differently this year? Today, we’re sharing some meaningful ways you can support CBM Australia this Christmas, by giving an extra special gift from our meaningful gifts shop. By gifting your friends and family a charitable donation with a direct purpose, you can immediately see the impact your shared generosity will have on those who need it most.

$50 and under

For just $33, you can give the gift of sight for one adult experiencing preventable blindness, or $35 buys glasses for 10 children. $50 will get you a bleating great gift – a goat! Providing a source of milk for families affected by disability in poverty-stricken areas of the world, your $50 gift budget can make all the difference.

$50 – $100

Feeling ‘clucky’ this Christmas?! $65 is all you need to buy chickens for five families, providing a sustainable food source and even an ongoing income for years to come. At $87, you can gift our ‘Grub Up’ package, which helps remote communities with emergency supplies that are difficult to access during lockdowns caused by Covid-19. A literal life saver, this package includes rice, canned goods, and milk.

$100 – $500

Got a little more to give this Christmas? $370 helps to train a specialist teacher, which provides invaluable education, life skills and transformative experiences for children in less fortunate communities. Just $150 is all you need to give the life changing gift of a wheelchair this Christmas, transforming the lives of children with disabilities or those recovering from surgery. For $230, a gift can provide eye surgery for a disadvantaged child living with vision impairment.


Got an entrepreneurial spirit? For $850, you can gift the business donation that keeps on giving – our small business loan. Your funds will be loaned to a family to help them kick start their business, providing lasting income and a better quality of life. Once the loan is repaid, the funds are loaned to another family, and another, and another!

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to dig a little deeper this Christmas, a generous gift of $2,000 helps us to deliver the very best education possible for children who deserve it most. This gift provides a two-year primary teaching diploma, and gets high quality educators ready to teach in disadvantaged schools sooner. To help give a child with a disability a brighter future, $1,250 will fund surgery to correct malformed limbs, helping to restore mobility and make everyday life more comfortable.

All donations over $2 to CBM Australia are tax deductible, and your generosity goes such a long way in helping us continue to do our vital work in the communities that need it most. Disability and poverty, unfortunately, go hand in hand, and with every donation, we can take steps to change the reality that millions of individuals face everyday.

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