Making Miracles happen

Miracles Day 2019 Reena from Nepal

This month is all about Miracles! Of giving a precious Miracle gift to restore sight for children and adults.

Beautiful Nhung from Vietnam received that precious Miracle last year. Her cataract was removed and Nhung was fitted with the right prescription glasses so she could clearly see. Today, Nhung has an even greater gift – to dream of a bright future for herself, her family and her community.

This wonderful Miracle was made possible because of caring people like YOU. During this month we’ll be sharing with you heart-warming and joyous stories of people receiving the Miracle gift of their sight restored.

Stories like Reena, an 11-year-old girl living in Nepal who was losing sight in her right eye because of a cataract. Stories like Aunt Meena, whose love for Reena helped her get the medical care she needed. And stories like paediatric ophthalmologist Dr Pawan who examines over 150 children with all types of eye conditions and cataracts EVERY DAY!

Last year thousands of generous Aussies came together to give Miracles to children and adults in need. That support resulted in a record-breaking 38,948 Miracles given by generous and wonderful supporters across Australia.

It’s going to be an amazing month. We’re super excited to share stories of Miracles with you. Follow CBM and Miracles Month and see the difference your Miracle can make.

This year, with your help, we hope to raise enough for 40,000 Miracles.

Show your support and give a Miracle today to save someone’s sight. Let’s get to 40,000 Miracles. Click here to donate.