Lucy Holmes from Light FM talks about Miracles Day

Stories | July 31, 2019

Emotional. Humbling. Magical. Inspirational. Breathtaking. 

I’m a radio host, so every day my microphone is switched on and I spend hours and hours discussing just about every topic under the sun… but my visits to Vietnam, the Philippines and Nepal with CBM have left me nothing short of speechless.

To put it simply, I’ve seen a miracle. And I’ve been privileged to witness people have their sight restored through cataract surgery. 

I’ve met their families, trekked through their villages and I’ve been there when their eye patches have been removed and their eyesight has returned. It’s a miracle. 

I’ll never forget the face of a man I met in Nepal many years ago. He didn’t have a secure place to call home. He couldn’t see, which meant he couldn’t work, and he couldn’t support his wife. He couldn’t believe someone half a world away was making a miracle happen for him. 

I was the first person he saw when his eye patch came off. He laughed, clapped and cried and I laughed, clapped and cried with him. Whilst there was a language barrier, there was no barrier to the raw emotion of the moment. It’s etched into my memory forever. Someone, like you, gave this man his sight back. His LIFE back. Someone gave this man, and his family, a miracle. 

I’m so blessed to live a comfortable life in Australia…. I can’t begin to understand the daily lives of many of these beautiful people. And when you don’t have the gift of sight… the hardships are horrendous. 

But this is where you and I can make a difference. WE have the power to change somebody’s life this Miracles Day. 

$33 is all it takes. I’m in. Are you?

Overseas again

I’m so excited to return to Nepal with CBM. I was there years ago, just after the devastating earthquakes. It’s one of the world’s poorest countries… a large portion of the population live in poverty. Hard to wrap your head around.

So, I’m ditching life at home for a week and setting up camp (and a makeshift radio station) near a hospital in a remote area of Nepal, near the border of India. 

Every day at this hospital, around 1,000 people receive eye examinations and 200 surgeries are performed, thanks to the support of CBM. Miracle after miracle. 

Let’s bless 40,000 people with Miracles

We have a goal this Miracles Day.

We want to bless 40,000 more people with the Miracle of sight-saving surgery. 

You know what’s amazing? Cataract surgery can take as little as 12-minutes. That’s 12-minutes. That’s how long it takes to order a coffee at my favourite cafe and drink it! 

Stop and think about the impact of this operation has on a person who is blind. And how it affects their partner, their children and grandchildren. Think of somebody seeing their grandchild for the first time. Or like the little 6 year old boy I met in Vietnam who just wanted to see his mummy’s face for the first time. And then play hide and seek. 

All of this is only possible with your generous support. Only $33, what most of us would spend on a dinner out with friends or a trip to the movies, can change a family’s life. Forever.

So, I humbly ask you, on behalf of all these amazing people I’ve met in the poorest places on earth, will you join with us on this Miracles Day, and make a difference? Make a miracle happen!

This year, through Miracles Day, you can help give 40,000 people the sight-saving surgery they need to see again.

Miracles Day gives Australians the opportunity to give someone the Miracle gift of sight, with a 12-minute operation costing just $33. 

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