Inclusive climate action: ensuring no more people with disabilities get trapped in homes

Stories | November 9, 2023

Around 20 cyclones hit the Philippines each year and have a devastating impact on the agriculture sector. For people with a disability like Joan, the President of a local Organisation of People with Disabilities, running a small farm has become risky business.

“Five to seven years ago we were harvesting between 30 and 50 sacks of rice, but the last time we farmed our land, we only harvested about 10 sacks.”

Not only is their business at risk, but their lives are too!

“I was very vulnerable due to my disability. I couldn’t do anything outside and was confined in our house,” said Joan reflecting on her experience during a recent cyclone.

To ensure people with disabilities are not forgotten about during disasters, CBM is working with local partners in the Philippines to support local governments to implement disaster preparedness and response plans and policies that include disabilities issues. Because we don’t want anyone to be trapped in their house during a natural disaster.

Read The Impact of Climate Change to learn more about how CBM is responding and contributing to inclusive climate action in other parts of the world.  

Image caption: People with disabilities like Joan must be included in disaster preparedness and response plans.


CBM acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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