Including people with disabilities in the COVID-19 response

Stories | March 27, 2020

As the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) are felt by more and more people here in Australia and around the world, CBM is committed more than ever to ensuring people with disabilities are not left behind and continue to access their human rights.

Even in difficult and uncertain times, we are reminded of Christ’s call to love our neighbours. We can do this by praying for, listening to and supporting one another, as well as looking out for those in our communities who are most vulnerable.

Currently, over one billion people have a disability globally and face challenges every day. These people are already more likely to live in poverty, face exclusion and be significantly affected by COVID-19. People with disability also face heightened accessibility barriers to receiving government health messaging and support.

CBM Australia is actively working with our field partners to ensure that no one is left behind and the specific needs and voices of people with disabilities are front and centre during this crisis. We are also influencing other partners such as UN agencies and NGOs, who are on the frontline of COVID-19 responses, to make sure their health services reach people with disabilities. We echo the International Disability Alliance’s call for people with disabilities to be included in all response efforts without discrimination and on an equal basis to others.

CBM India work to ensure COVID-19 advice is accessible and support is available to vulnerable people.
CBM India working to ensure COVID-19 advice is accessible and support is available to vulnerable people.

The Australian government has demonstrated strong leadership in its efforts to include people with disabilities in development programs and humanitarian response. We call upon them now to continue to do so in their COVID-19 response – both locally and in the poorest communities around the world.

We continue to work and advocate for the inclusion of all people and ask you, to stand with us in solidarity and pray for a way forward that leaves no one behind.


Dear God, we pray for all of those who are affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world. We thank you for the health care workers locally and internationally as they support and treat those unwell.

We pray for compassion and support amongst families, workplaces and communities.

We particularly ask you to lift up those we seek to serve, people with disabilities living in poverty, who will be impacted even more in this crisis.

We pray that your heart and loving kindness will continue to shine through all during this time of uncertainty.

Jane Edge,
CEO, CBM Australia.

Your financial and prayerful support is needed now more than ever to ensure we can continue to protect the most vulnerable.

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