How we applied human-centred design to refresh Luke14 

Stories | May 9, 2022

For over 10 years, CBM Australia’s Luke14 program has helped churches and Christian communities become inclusive and welcoming places for people with disabilities and their families. We’re constantly reviewing our programs and asking ourselves questions like: what does the future of disability inclusion look like? How can we maintain and grow accessible communities and services beyond inclusion compliance to a place that’s driven by genuine relationships? We knew that Luke14 was a valuable program but it needed updating to better reflect our changing world. In 2021, the Luke14 project was born!

Redesigning Luke14

Our goal was to renew and scale Luke14 and we did this by focusing on four areas:

  1. Creating resources that reflect and expand on contemporary disability thinking.
  2. Leveraging unique expertise in the Australian Christian disability space.
  3. Rejuvenating channels, messaging and content to extend reach and impact.
  4. Leading by example through co-design with people with disabilities.

Taking a human-centred design approach

We decided right away to take a human-centred design approach. It is a way of solving problems where you co-create solutions with the people who need it most, in our case, people with disabilities and church leaders. So, we asked 12 people with disabilities and church leaders to co-design the project. We formed a 10-person working group at CBM and connected with Today – a Melbourne-based strategic design company. Today helped us facilitate workshops and sprints in which people with disabilities and church leaders shared their wisdom and lived experiences. We received lots of positive feedback throughout the process from both people with disabilities and people without disabilities who said they felt seen, heard and included.

At the end of the process, we had a solid plan for the future of Luke14. We tested the plan with six church leaders and people with disabilities and now we’re ready to relaunch Luke14.

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