Giving for others: CBM supporter John Segerdin’s story

Stories | August 28, 2023

“I wanted to give this for someone else. There are families out there that would love to do this and are unable to because of their financial extremes,” John Segerdin told CBM.

A male standing in front of a brick wall with a bandana on his head
John was so moved by those unable to see the day ahead, that he donated 33 Miracles on behalf of 33 other families who would love to support but are unable to afford that gift.

Born in New Zealand, John has worked in the pharmaceutical industry. He married a Mauritian lady, who has shared his faith, and has been blessed with children and grandchildren.

John would much rather offer the certainty of sight to someone living in poverty that cannot afford it than pay for a lotto ticket.

It is his faith that leads John to give, with Mark 8: 22-26 in the Bible giving an account of Jesus healing a blind man.

John only has praise for the doctors who are blessed with the skill to be able to offer the gift of sight to people living in poverty.

John told CBM that he imagines what it is like to be blind by closing his eyes and walking around the house… he often will knock into furniture!

“You open up your eyes and then you appreciate what you’ve got.”   

His voice rang with enthusiasm for Miracles. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a reality check and help someone’s life; to see the flowers, the water, the clouds, the person, the family, the loved one in front of them.”

His generosity boils down to two simple words; “I believe.”

Thank you for your love John.

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