Gifts Full of Meaning for Christmas

Stories | November 10, 2020

2020 has been an extremely challenging year – but also an opportunity to reflect on what is important to us, such as family, friends and good health.

As we approach a festive season like none before, the CBM Gift Shop is offering a range of Meaningful Gifts, which help to change the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

Your generosity can help children like Sudip, a little boy in Nepal who began struggling to see when he was three. Sudip had untreated cataracts – responsible for more than half of all cases of blindness.

Sudip (age 6) can see and is off to school in Nepal

Sudip was at risk of losing his window to the world, until CBM supported him to have the medical support and treatment he needed to live his life to its full potential.

CBM’s Gift Shop has a number of Meaningful Gifts to support children like Sudip, such as a $230 gift to provide eye surgery for a child and a $115 gift to sight-saving medication to end Trachoma for children. For just $35, 10 children can receive pairs of glasses to help them at home and at school.

It is also possible to transform many lives at once, by giving a $5,000 gift to provide a well-trained local eye doctor to a disadvantaged community.

A range of mobility-related gifts including a wheelchair to help a child recovering from surgery or with a disability ($150), a leg-straightening plaster case ($85) or a set of crutches ($19) will help more children like Christine, who had surgery to correct her bowlegs, and has now regained her independence.

CBM’s Gift Shop also has a number of items relating to food security, improving livelihoods and supporting marginalized people through the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are gifts to suit all budgets. For less than $20, a Hygiene Kit can provide soap, hand sanitizer and detergent to keep a family safe from COVID-19. A $50 gift of 12 piglets a year for a family will provide income and a rich source of fertilizer, and an $850 Small Business Loan will help a family living in poverty to reach their goals and provide for themselves.

CBM’s Gift Shop has Meaningful Gifts representing each of CBM’s areas of work, and all gifts (except the pack of Christmas cards) are tax-deductible.

This Christmas, give your loved ones the thrill of knowing that they are changing the lives of people in poverty living with disability around the world.

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