Generations of generosity: CBM Supporter Dianne Hansen’s story

Stories | August 28, 2023

CBM supporter Dianne Hansen was making a donation to the Christmas appeal she had received from CBM. When her young daughter, Chrissie, found out what her mother was doing, she rushed to her room, grabbed her money box, and quickly emptied out all her savings before rushing back to her mother with about $3.50 in her small hand.

Chrissie had heard what a difference a small donation can make to someone’s life, and she decided that she wanted someone to be able to have some shoes, just like she has, Dianne explained in a letter she sent with her and her daughter’s donation. Someone from CBM called to thank Chrissie personally for her help. “It was so sweet.”

Dianne remembers many years ago how a gentleman visited her local Baptist church and spoke about CBM’s work. “I just loved it,” Dianne says.

Her family were voracious readers and viewed books as valuable for education. She finds it challenging to comprehend how difficult it would be for people if they couldn’t read books.

There are four generations of CBM supporters within this family: Dianne’s mother, Dianne herself, her daughter, and her granddaughter. Dianne told CBM that she has been a supporter of CBM for around forty years.

She loves that just a few dollars can help so many people and that when a person’s sight is saved, a mother or father can be given the means to support their family.

CBM is Dianne’s mission of choice, and she particularly loves that God is foremost in our work.

“I encourage everybody to help CBM because they do such a fantastic job,” Dianne stated with conviction.

Thank you, Dianne, for your help and thank you to all the generations of your family supporting CBM.

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