Footprints of Triumph Chadd’s Clubfoot Journey

Stories | July 3, 2023

Witnessing a baby grow and develop is a magical experience for families. From the first smile, to the first step, the joy a parent feels is immense. But for some families, especially those living in some of the poorest places, it can also be a time of great stress.

This was the case for Regine and Mark in the Philippines whose little boy Chadd was born with Clubfoot – a condition that made his right foot turn inward. If left untreated, he might not be able to walk.

While Regine and Mark desperately wanted to get the treatment Chadd needed to straighten his foot, they simply could not afford to pay for the five-month treatment plan offered by a private doctor – especially since they had two other young children to support.

Fortunately, when Chad was nine months old, a health worker trained by one of CBM Australia’s partners visited their community to conduct assessments of children with disabilities. Chadd was assessed and referred to the CBM supported project for treatment.

Following consultation with a physical therapist, Chadd’s treatment plan to straighten his little foot began.

Once a week for eight weeks, Chadd and his family travelled for nine long hours to reach a medical centre where, using the Ponseti method, a series of plaster casts were applied to his leg to gradually move the foot to the correct position.

The project team supported Chadd and his family during his treatment, by scheduling in the casting appointments, monitoring his progress, and providing accommodation support during their visits to the medical centre.

And you’ll be happy to hear that Chadd’s treatment was a success! He no longer needs to wear plaster casts and he’s now moved to wearing special shoe braces.

And it’s working! After many casts and months of medical appointments Chadd is now walking. He’ll soon be running circles around Regine and Mark, and all three of them couldn’t be happier.

You can help other children with clubfoot like Chadd by donating.

The plaster cast is off and the shoes are on – now there is no stopping Chadd.


CBM acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) and thanks our implementing partner NORFIL Foundation.

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