Father’s Day During COVID-19

Stories | September 3, 2020

We learn so much from our close family and friends and on Father’s Day we recognise the contribution of fathers can play in the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Cameroon, Richard is an innovative entrepreneur living with disability. He manages his small stall where he can sell a variety of items including sweets and schools books for children. When COVID-19 began to spread to the regions of Cameroon where Richard works and lives with his family, he lost a lot of his trade with the closure of schools and the decreased need for schoolbooks. He was also concerned about the risk posed by continuing to sell his good and interact with people – particularly in accepting coins, which he notes the virus can exist on for extended periods.

He notes that trading during this time “It was scary, it still is. I am very grateful and pleased that CBM and SEEPD thought of people with disabilities and the difficulties we are be facing in this season. Thanks to CBM and SEEPD, the Coordinating Unit for Persons with Disabilities in the North-West region, invited persons with disabilities to a training to understand more about COVID and how we can prevent. They also provided us reusable face masks, hand sanitizers and liquid soaps. With these equipment, I am taking responsibility to protect myself and clients from COVID19. Thank you is the least we can say to SEEPD and CBM for making this happen”.

Richard has recognised that sharing his knowledge about COVID-19 with his family is vital to protecting their health as well. Particularly since his oldest son is currently accompanying him to his stall while schools are closed due to COVID-19. Richard notes with pride that his son takes COVID-19 precautions very seriously, “Here at the kiosk he reminds customers to wash their hands at the make shift desk which I set up. We don’t have running water here so we bring water from home in bottles.” His son agreed adding that he wants everyone to wash their hands thoroughly “Because I do not like corona”

Father's Day During COVID-19

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The project, Enhancing Capabilities & Participation of Persons with Disabilities (known locally as SEEPD) receives support from the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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