An Eye-Opening Experience – Scott Curtis

Stories | August 5, 2018

Scott Curtis from 1079 Life radio station Adelaide shares about travelling to the Philippines for the first time for Miracles Day, where the experience of making a Miracle happen became real and personal.

I stood in awe, a microphone in one hand and my phone in the other trying to best capture this Miracle that was unfolding before me.

A Miracle waiting to happen

Alfredo had been experiencing a deterioration in his sight for the past 10 years to the point where he could no longer work and was now relying on his family to get by.

Today he had arrived at the visiting eye-screening centre being held by CBM and their partners in his village.

Seeing into the life of Alfredo

Whether it was his bright smile or his bright yellow shirt, something stood out about Alfredo. He was humble, softly-spoken but had a warmth and authenticity about him.

We were invited to visit his home, only a few hundred metres from the screening centre.

Alfredo walking down his street
Photo: Alfredo taking us to his home

Leading our group up a dirt road that had been churned up by recent rain and big truck tyres, Alfredo, a man in his 70’s, took the lead as we struggled to amble our way up this path. The road was lined with housing made of concrete blocks and tin roofing. Just as we approached Alfredo’s house there was a clearing where construction was taking place in amongst the caribou (like bulls).


Alfredo outside his house
Caption: Alfredo outside his home in the Philippines

Alfredo’s house wasn’t like the rest on his street. His house was made entirely of Bamboo and Straw, where gaps would leave him exposed to the elements.

The house was raised, so he was negotiating steps on a daily basis and living on his own he had to cook for himself which also proved challenging due to his deteriorating sight.

We said our farewells and told him we would be there tomorrow for his surgery.


Alfredo’s Miracle in minutes

There was a buzz of activity in what I’m told was a child care centre, but was now a makeshift surgery for Alfredo and many like him from the surrounding villages.

We had the chance to speak with Alfredo prior to the surgery…

…the next 12 minutes was something he had waited a decade for, even if he never knew it was coming.

Behind a curtain and other partitions the skilled surgeons went to work, removing the cataract and adding a new lens to Alfredo’s eye. It was all over, almost as quickly as it started. It took 12 minutes and only $33 Australian dollars to change, not only this man’s life, but his family and his village.

The following morning we took the 1.5 hour journey from where we were staying, back to Alfredo’s village to witness the removal of his patch and  the moment he would see again, without hindrance, for the first time in 10 years.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for

As his patch was removed, this stoic man, who always had a smile, began to weep. He shared how he will no longer feel like a ‘burden’ to his family, his desire to get work and have a positive impact in his community, even at his age.

Alfredo demonstrated that with very little… $33 and 12 minutes, a man’s hope for the future and whole outlook on life can be restored.

This is why in August 2018 I look forward with anticipation to again, journey with CBM for Miracles Day and meet more people like Alfredo. To see the lasting effect that the work of CBM and the generosity of our listeners are having on individuals, families and communities all over the globe.

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