Every child deserves an education

Stories | February 6, 2018 | Author: Stevie Wills, CBM Community Education Officer

Stevie Wills, CBM’s Community Education Officer, shares her experience and memories of school, and how her life wouldn’t have been the same without an education.

For as long as I can remember, I always loved writing poetry. I enjoyed writing it when I was at school. I had my own computer, enabling me to express my thoughts. If I hadn’t gone to high school, I wouldn’t have grown to be a writer and a performance poet.

Education is vital to a child living a full life and reaching their potential. It’s a springboard to employment, which provides income. Through education, children learn skills that open up employment and social opportunities for them. Every child has a human right to go to school.

Stevie at school, when she was in Year 9.
Image: Stevie at school, when she was in Year 9.

I have cerebral palsy. I was given the support I needed to reach my potential throughout my schooling. I have physical difficulties with reading, writing and typing. Throughout my schooling I had a computer. I also had a full-time integration aid, who took notes in class, read aloud to me, and wrote or typed as I dictated. I had what’s called a key guard, which is placed over my keyboard, helping my fingers to accurately type the keys that I intend to.

With support, I was able to reach my potential at school. I received the highest ENTER score in my class in year 12. I discovered my love for writing and poetry at school.

Many children with disabilities who live in developing countries don’t have the opportunity to attend school. They can face many barriers, including lack of physical access to their local school. They may not have the assistance they need to fully access and participate in education. They may face attitudinal barriers when people in the community think that they cannot learn, or benefit from education.

When children with disabilities don’t receive an education, they are less likely to gain employment. Without employment, people are more likely to be trapped in the cycle of poverty and disability.

I want all children with disabilities to have the same opportunities that I have had; to reach their potential at school.
Will you help children with disabilities stay in their local school by supplying assistive aids and support?

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Photo: Kannan, from India, is now included in his school and can imagine a brighter future!

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