Empowering women with disabilities during the COVID-19 crisis

Stories | August 3, 2020

CBM received an update from an Organisation of People with Disabilities (OPD) in Cameroon: Bamenda III municipality. With the support of CBM and partner organisations, Bamenda III were able to ensure that their members were able to access COVID-19 kits and receive appropriate training on the use of the kits. This training was tailored specifically to the needs of the group, the President of Bamenda III noted: “For instance, women with visual impairments were trained on how to do hand washing, while hanging their white canes on their arms in order to avoid infection of the cane. Emphases were laid on wheel chair users to make sure they sanitize their hands and the surfaces of their wheel chair where they often place their hands.”

The distribution of COVID-19 kits were also useful as means of sensitizing the older members of the group, many of whom are now aged over 60. In their packages they received books that carried covid-19 messages especially on preventive measures which helped especially the deaf girls and women as they have the books in their keeping and they go over it from time to time to remind themselves of the preventive measures, according to Bamenda III president, Benedicta. She also mentioned that, the women can now be able to protect themselves thanks to lot of kits: hand sanitizer, liquid soap, face masks, books carrying information on covid-19, reusable pads, toilet tissue just to name a few, they received which has so much boast their hygiene and awareness on covid-19.

Benedicta expressed her sincere thanks to CBM and partners, noting that thanks to these kits, the women living with disability felt empowered and able to continue with many of their usual routines (where safe to do so). She also noted that the support offered from CBM and partner organisations “is always on time as they are always the first to act timely when it comes to health issues” and that the COVID-19 pandemic was no exception.

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