Empowering people with disabilities in the face of climate change

Stories | October 13, 2023

Life is already tough for people with disabilities living in poor communities in developing countries. However, when you add in the impacts of climate change, it becomes even more challenging.

Working through our field programs, CBM Australia is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities are not left behind in the fight against climate change – people like Jennifer who is blind, who are finding it harder and harder to stay in business as the cost-of-living increases.

“The drought is having a huge impact because food is more expensive. Because my business is not that big, I can only buy small amounts of stock at a time, the price increase has a huge impact. The food is coming from further away and there is less available,” Jennifer, Kenya.

Through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), CBM has been able to support local partners to respond to the issues of climate change, by providing cash transfers so people can purchase the things they really need, food so they don’t go hungry, and access to assistive devices so they can participate in their community.

Read The Impact of Climate Change to learn more about how CBM is responding and contributing to inclusive climate action in other parts of the world.  

Jennifer a woman holding up sacks of maize

Jennifer used to buy whole sacks of maize to sell. Now she only buys small quantities because the price of food has become too expensive. 


CBM acknowledges the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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