Dr Wall’s legacy continuing to create positive social change

Stories | February 26, 2021

Dr Victor John Wall was a geologist, who used his skills in a diverse range of ways including in the academic sector, in consultancy and in project development.

He was passionate about creating positive social change, and supporting those less fortunate than him. Dr Wall lived these values through his long-term support of CBM Australia, having first donated in 2005 and increasing the value and frequency of gifts until 2017, when he died after a battle with cancer.

Vic’s generosity over 12 years of support helped to transform the lives of countless people living in poverty, including those with disabilities, around the world.

In 2018, his family, led by Pat his wife of 50 years, established the Metamorphic Foundation to honour his legacy. Pat told Fiona Higgins at Australian Philanthropic Services that the things her husband observed in his travels around the world had inspired him to make a difference.

“He spent a lot of time overseas, including many developing countries with his work, and returned having observed that the further people are from water, the less healthy they are,” she said.

“Part of [the] rationale for establishing the Metamorphic Foundation was to support causes that he had been supporting during his lifetime that can change things for the better in innovative ways and to be an “agent of change.”

Family members added that: “Apart from being a real humanitarian, Dad was curious about how things work and why they don’t work, which is something we’ve carried through to our approach with philanthropy.”

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