COVID-19 update: how CBM is supporting vulnerable people in Indonesia

Covid-19, Stories | February 1, 2022

CBM Australia is supporting vulnerable people, including people with disabilities and the elderly, in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Last year, we told you about how CBM Australia will support vulnerable people, including people with disabilities and the elderly, in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic so that they are not disproportionately affected by the virus.

As the 6-month Emergency Response project is nearing its end, we would like to give you a quick update on how the project is benefiting vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, and assisting local health care providers to deliver inclusive COVID-19 related health services.

Working across seven villages, the CBM supported project has:

  • gathered feedback from people with disabilities on how information on vaccinations and health protocols can be made accessible.
  • Conducted a needs assessment to ensure the project is targeting those most at risk.
  • Provided counselling for health workers, COVID-19 task force members and people with disabilities.
  • Held counselling and yoga sessions for elderly people, giving health care workers an opportunity to identify and refer people in need to relevant support services.
  • Distributed masks, medical gowns, Hazmat suits, hand sanitizer, gloves and face shields to 390 people in seven public health centres and seven COVID-19 Disaster Task Forces, helping stop the spread of the virus.
  • Provided cash assistance to those most at risk families, so they can meet their basic needs.
  • Assisted 718 vulnerable people, including people with disabilities and caregivers, to access a second COVID-19 vaccination, providing them with transport, sign language interpreters, support personal, and healthy food and drinks.
Additional Support

Project staff also arranged a priority line at the vaccination centre to ensure that those most at risk, including people with disabilities, elderly people, pregnant and breast-feeding women and women with young children, and factory workers who only had one hour off work, did not miss out on their vaccination.

As the Omicron variant starts to spread across Indonesia, CBM staff will continue to support those most at risk, whilst protecting their own health by following health protocols.

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