COVID-19 India crisis

Stories | April 8, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded, CBM offices everywhere worked hard to contain the crisis.

“The situation in India is also not so good but the government has taken precautionary measures and imposed total lockdown across India. Some of the States have imposed a curfew for the safety of the public,” said Dinesh, CBM India Country Officer.

While many community meetings, training and visits to project sites were suspended, CBM Australia and CBM India formulated new strategies to promote good hygiene practice.

“Disabled People’s Organisations in Mathura have been raising awareness within communities on hand washing and following the government guidelines to avoid spreading COVID-19,” noted Dinesh.

CBM Australia and India were proactive in supporting preventative measures. Dinesh wrote that CBM had already distributed 110 masks and sanitised eye protection to patients visiting NIRPHAD hospital by April 2020.

CBM Australia continued to carefully monitor and support our overseas Country Offices and offer assistance wherever we could.


Hospitals and clinics remained open to provide services to the most vulnerable, the most neglected, the most forgotten, while CBM Australia actively worked with field partners to ensure essential programs were delivered and people with disabilities were included in response efforts.

Currently over one billion people are living with disabilities and they are unduly impacted during times of crisis and disaster. It is imperative that CBM continues to work with our partners to ensure no one is left behind.

Your financial and prayerful support is needed now more than ever to ensure we can continue to protect the most vulnerable.

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