Christmas potential

Stories | December 22, 2017

This special Christmas blog is written by our very own Stevie Wills, who shares a powerful perspective on the potential we all have.

We can only imagine Mary’s thoughts and feelings as she cherished her new born son in her arms. Adoring this little one with tenderness. And wondering at what God had done for her, her nation, and all people.

With the birth of this baby, who was Jesus, hope was born. When Mary was a virgin the angel Gabriel foretold of Jesus’ birth, saying that, “the child to be born will be called holy—the Son of God.” (Matthew 1:35). There was great hope and expectation for the life of this little one.

When a mother tenderly holds her new born baby, her heart is filled with deep love, joy and hope. Hope for the life of her baby. Great potential is born with the birth of her baby. When a child is born with, or acquires a disability, he or she is full of life and potential.

People with disabilities who live in developing countries can face barriers to fully realising their potential. This Christmas, with CBM Australia, you can help people with disabilities overcome barriers and realise their potential.

This Christmas, share the joy and hope that a mother has as she holds her child. Merry Christmas, as we remember God’s gift, the birth of his son, Jesus Christ, His love and hope for humanity.

Photo: The beautiful picture is of Esther and Richard, and their sons Timothy and Aron, who were born with cataract and short-sightedness. Through a CBM partner they were able to receive sight-restoring surgery!

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