Celebrating Corrective Eye Surgery on World Sight Day

Stories | October 1, 2020

Celebrating corrective eye surgery in Nepal on World Sight Day

Twenty years on from the first World Sight Day and October 8 continues to provide a chance to reflect on just how life changing corrective eye surgery is for people around the world. CBM Australia in collaboration with CBM Germany and Italy funds cataract surgery for people living with low vision in the remote eastern regions of Nepal. The provision of corrective cataract surgery through the Eastern Regional Eye Care Program (EREC-P) at the main hospital in Biratnagar and outreach activities, is vital in ensuring that people living in these regions are able to improve their vision, return to work, support their families and continue their lives. For many people, these cataract surgeries are a means of maintaining their autonomy and independence. Seti Dela recently underwent cataract surgery and noted her returning independence and ability to handle her own daily living activities, something she struggled to do prior to the surgery. Before the surgery she noted she was facing a number of challenges due to reduced vision and mobility. With limited mobility, Seti Dela had to depend on her family members for any outdoor and indoor activities. Following the surgery Seti Dela is back on her way to living her life with her autonomy and independence renewed. “Thanks EREC-P for giving me the light and my relatives who supported me to arrive here. Now I feel I am gaining freedom and started living a new life”, Seti Dela remarked.

This project and many similar ones apply a community based inclusive development approach (CBID). CBM promotes a CBID approach to our projects because this approach prioritises access to quality health care and rehabilitation services that continue to provide people around the world with autonomy and independent to continue to live fulfilled lives on their terms.

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