CBMs response to Cyclone Idai

Zimbabwe residents and CBM staff standing outside in a loosely-formed circle

Last month, one of the worst recorded tropical cyclones to impact Southern Africa hit Mozambique and continued through to Zimbabwe.

Locals in rural areas of Zimbabwe say that Cyclone Idai has created another emergency on top of a drought that has lasted for more than four years.

‘The cyclone destroyed my house and I was left homeless’, Tendai told CBM.

Tendai, who was staying in Masvingo Province with her son, was among an estimated 1.6 million people affected by Cyclone Idai (UN OCHA).

‘The food I received is almost finished’, Tendai said.

The humanitarian action CBM takes alongside individuals and communities during emergencies is collaborative, multilayered and focused on people with disabilities.

‘When we’re working out what people need, we conduct house-to-house visits to ensure our response is appropriate to people’s needs, as they see them’, Alberto said.

Alberto Tonon, who has been working with CBMs emergency response officers in Zimbabwe, has described CBMs emergency response in his personal commentary about working with people impacted by Cyclone Idai.

Tongoona was another person living in Masvingo Province, where he was staying with his brother. He received food from CBM and partner organisations, and was rebuilding a house.

‘My houses were destroyed by Cyclone Idai, and moved in to stay with a brother’, Tongoona said.

‘I am contributing food to the household, and this makes me happy.’

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